Herbal medicine refers to the use of a different parts from plants such as: roots, berries, bark, leaves, or flowers as natural medicine.  Long practiced outside of conventional medicine,  herbalism is taking its place once again in the treatment and prevention of disease.


Each day, millions of Americans take medication for high blood pressure, sleep aids, antidepressants, aspirin,  decongestants, and many other over-the-counter or prescribed medications.   However more than 160, 000 Americans die from taking the wrong prescriptions or they suffered from serious side effect of the drugs.   In the United States it is ironic that we take more prescription drugs than other countries, yet we live shorter lives.  In Europe and Asia the use of herbs is much higher, herbs are used as the first line of defense against adverse health conditions instead of the more invasive medical treatments.


Long before recorded history, plants were used for medicinal purposes.   Writings by ancient Chinese and Egyptians educated us today of the uses of herbal remedies.  Herbs have been successfully used since the beginning of time but in the 19th century scientists began to extract and modify the active ingredients of herbs. Chemists began to make their own version of plant compounds, going from raw herbs to synthetic pharmaceutical products.   Even with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, 80% of the worlds population still rely on herbal medicines as part of their primary health care.


Herbal supplements continue to be used today for a wide variety of reasons. The most important of these reasons, of course, is that herbs work.   The key to using herbs is to choose the correct herbs.  It is also important to use organic herbs that are less than 6 months old.  Herbs contain many healing constituents that the body understands and they invoke a healing response from the body.  Herbs are full of nutrients, vitamins and healing properties allowing the body systems to fight by strengthening the immune system.  Whole herbs contain many ingredients that work together to produce the correct medicinal effect.

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When most people think bones, they think calcium because calcium is essential for teeth and bone development.  However, calcium also helps with blood pressure, muscle function, nerve signals and the secretion of hormones.
  Even though calcium is a key ingredient for preventing bone loss it is not the only ingredient.  The key to depositing calcium is by helping the body to absorb it correctly.  Eating calcium-rich foods along with foods high in vitamin D, Potassium, Vitamin  K and exercise will help with bone density, calcium alone has little effect on the bone density.  Good sources of calcium, minerals and Vitamin D are:
Spinach, Collard greens, organic yogurt, legumes, figs, blackstrap molasses, sesame seeds, kale, seaweed and oatmeal (Vitamin D) sardines, tuna, open water fish, organic egg yolks, butter, orange juice (3 times per week).
Herbs deliver health – the best herbs to prevent osteoporosis and increase bone health is Horsetail, oat straw, comfrey and a pinch of seaweeds.


Your body needs a balance of vitamins and minerals to help absorb calcium.  A combination of proper nutrients is what is needed for strong bones.
Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the bones, causing them to become weak and fragile and more likely to break.  Bone loss has few symptoms so the first clue may be seen when you fracture a bone.
When most people think bones, they think calcium because calcium is essential for teeth and bone development.  However, calcium also helps with blood pressure, muscle function, nerve signals and the secretion of hormones.
Even though calcium is a key ingredient for preventing bone loss it is not the only ingredient.  The key to depositing calcium is by helping the body to absorb it correctly.  Eating calcium-rich foods along with foods high in vitamin D, Potassium, Vitamin  K and exercise will help with bone density, calcium alone has little effect on the bone density.  Good sources of calcium, minerals and Vitamin D are:
Spinach, Collard greens, organic yogurt, legumes, figs, blackstrap molasses, sesame seeds, kale, seaweed and oatmeal (Vitamin D) sardines, tuna, open water fish, organic egg yolks, butter, orange juice (3 times per week).
Herbs deliver health – the best herbs to prevent osteoporosis and increase bone health is Horsetail, oat straw, comfrey and a pinch of seaweed.
Horsetail for osteoporosis
You may be asking how does horsetail work?   It works to restore bone loss because of its high levels of silica.  Silica converts to calcium. Horsetail mixed with oat straw and comfrey makes a powerful calcium tea.

Oat straw strengthens bones and teeth by stimulating cell growth
Oat straw, is also very high in calcium.  It helps strengthen the bones of people suffering  with osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Oat straw stimulates cell growth that promotes bone and teeth development.
Horsetail and oat straw tea together deliver absorbable calcium to the body
Refined white sugar, white flour products, alcohol, soft drinks, the use of steroids, and junk foods leach calcium from the bones.  The leaching of calcium occurs when the body tries to correct the acid formation in the blood and tissues of the body.   Varicose veins, muscle cramps, “Charlie horses,” tooth decay and loss and anxiety issues are all due to calcium imbalances.
Drinking 3 warm cups of tea made with equal parts horsetail and comfrey can help relieve the symptoms of muscle cramps, varicose veins, blood pressure and tooth decay.  Adding a pinch of kelp and dulse is also excellent.

It is important to remember that where there is calcium there must be vitamin D, the two work together to help the body absorb calcium.  Sunlight is still one of the best sources of Vitamin D.  We don’t need much 10 to 15 minutes of exposure three times per week will do.
Vitamin K will boost your bone density. Vitamin K and D seem to work well together as a team.
Vitamin D stimulates calcium absorption in the intestines, while vitamin K reduces the amount of calcium excreted by the body.  Vitamin K rich foods include, spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley, Swiss chard, mustard greens, brussels sprouts and Romaine lettuce.
Potassium is a mineral that we associate with nerve and muscle and removing waste from the cell. However, foods high in potassium improve bone health. So eat sweet potatoes, red potatoes with the skin, organic yogurt and organic bananas.   Potassium also works to neutralize acids that remove calcium from our body.  
Exercise – really!!! Exercise is key to fighting many health issues including the deterioration of bone.  Some of the best exercise is lifting light weights, jumping jacks, walking or just climbing stairs.
Protein, protein, protein, if you want strong bones, go easy on the protein.
Excessive amounts of meat, cheese and protein make body acid, which drains the body of calcium and weakens bones. Balance again, is key to good health.  Your weekly meals need to contain, open water fish, organic eggs, shelled nuts, raw seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even, whole grain bread, pasta, potatoes and grains.
If you smoke, Quit
The more you smoke, the higher the risk of  getting  osteoporosis.
Cut out pre-salted foods, fast-foods, canned foods and pre-packaged foods, they are loaded with salt.
Too much salt speeds up the body’s loss of calcium.


It is a myth that high protein diets are good for us.

The average American diet includes high fat proteins (red meat, milk, cheese, eggs). Americans have been convinced that these types of proteins are essential. However, most of us are unaware that protein studies have been based on early rat experiments. Rats require about 3-1/2 times as much protein as a human; humans eating excessive amounts of proteins can seriously damage their health. When our diet contains more proteins than we need, the excess either adheres to arteries or is broken down in the liver and excerpted through the kidneys which cause thee organs to work harder, excrete more water and lose calcium. Better dietary sources of proteins for humans should include: raw seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, raw nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamias, beans, grains and small amounts of yogurt, fish, cheese or eggs.

Women need to regain control of their health by scrutinizing purchased food products. Daily use of chemicalized and processed foods deteriorate health. We do not catch high blood pressure, breast cancers, high cholesterol or disease; these are built through years of a poor diet and lack of the correct nutrients and minerals.

STOP reading the nutritional facts and START reading the ingredients. If your foods or drinks contain dyes (red, blue, yellow), MSG (monosodium glutamate), hydrogenated oils, aluminum, white flour, high fructose corn syrup or refined sugar, do not purchase.

Our bodies are designed to digest and handle many different foods even if they are not good for us but, a steady diet of chemical laden foods will destroy our health.

What are some of the risk factors of cancer?

** Alcohol – even small amounts of alcohol can destroy tissue.

** Smoking and second-hand smoke –  smoking, increases not only the risk of cancer but also cardiovascular problems, emphysema, strokes and bronchitis.

** Lack of Exercise – increasing exercise can cut the risk of cancer by almost 50%. It also relieves  stress

** Certain Medical Treatments – radiation, chemotherapy, estrogen and oral contraceptives have been linked to cancer.

** Environmental Exposure – herbicides, heavy metals, chemical based cleaning solutions, chemicals in foods and pesticides all have been linked with cancer.

** Poor Diet – a poor diet will not supply the needed nutrients to maintain healthy cells and a healthy body.  This means a non-functioning immune system. The results can lead to degenerative disease, including cancer.

** Stress – our emotional state of health impacts the health of our body, cells and organs. People that anger easily are prong to heart disease.  However, people that suppress emotions and stress or live in denial can also develop cancer as the internal affects weaken the immune system.

A healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet, low stress and exercise is one of the single most important things we can do to prevent cancer and maintain a healthy body.

by: M. Iles, Phd, CCMH



Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Antioxidants 
Why do we hear so much about Antioxidants? Do we really know what they are and how they work?

The most important thing to know is that NATURAL PREVENTION strategies are extremely effective against free radicals and provide the best antioxidants.

The human body contains trillions of cells, each cell has a central core, called the nucleus, inside the nucleus is our DNA – yes the same DNA that is damaged by microwaving our food.
DNA contains the genes that cells need to replicate itself.   DNA can be damaged by toxic atoms we know as free radicals.  Free radicals are created from a poor diet, chemicals, cigarette smoke, too much sunlight, microwaved foods, etc….

A free radical is a highly reactive atom that destroys body tissue.  Atoms contain electrons, electrons come in pairs but, when one of the electrons get stripped away, the electron now becomes a free radical.

The unpaired electron starts searching for another electron to complete its set. It grabs on to any electron it can find.  By stealing electrons, a process begins of free radicals destroying  other molecules.

Much like small bullets, free radicals shoot through a cell’s membrane, tearing holes and putting the cell at risk.  Free radicals can also tear DNA, this leads to mutations and the development of cancer.

The good news is that nature counteracts free radicals through a process we know as antioxidants.  In natures wisdom, antioxidants donate one of their own electrons to the Atom that is searching for its second electron.  This helps stop the free radical growth by stabilizing the Atom.

The antioxidants protect cell integrity and are therefore our most powerful weapon in fighting and preventing cancer and other degenerative diseases.

You might be asking yourself at least one of these three questions:

* What is Oral Chelation Therapy?
* Who needs Chelation Therapy?
* What can Oral Chelation do for me?

Oral chelation Therapy can help prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes by unclogging arteries.
Oral chelation Therapy is a safe, non-surgical process used to rid the body of excess toxins, especially heavy metals.  The chelation actually draws out toxic metals and other harmful substances that impair bodily functions and eliminates these toxins through the kidneys.  Some of the heavy metals that accumulate in our bodies include lead, mercury and copper.  These metals and toxins enter our bodies through fillings in teeth, a fish dinner (especially shell-fish and large fish like swordfish), our drinking water, foods and environmental products that we use daily.

Eating shelled fish is different than eating omega-3 rich, open water fish. Shelled fish are not rich in omega-3 because of their diet. They are bottom dwellers (lobster, crabs, shrimp, oysters) the cleaners of the ocean, in comparison they are the vultures of the sea, eating most garbage on the ocean bottom. Oysters in particular are toxic as ocean toxins filter through the oyster, the oyster then recycles it’s own waste in the oyster shell which is usually full of mercury, toxins and fecal matter.

Oral chelation can often prevent health problems from occurring by restoring circulation to the body’s tissues. Chelation benefits every blood vessel in the body, from the largest veins to the tiniest capillaries. Many of the capillaries cleaned by chelation are too small for surgical treatment or too deep within the brain and other vital organs to be safely reached by surgery, making oral chelation a great benefit.

Hardening of the arteries mean deposits of calcium, cholesterol, protein, fats and other substances that have collected on the walls of the largest or smallest arteries. Tartar and plaque on the teeth is made up of much of the same buildup that clogs the arteries. Since we are able to feel this buildup when we run our tongue over our teeth, it alerts us to seek dental assistance. Unfortunately we can’t see the buildup on our arteries, so we don’t worry about it until we start to suffer with circulation, vascular and heart problems.

Accumulated toxins in the artery wall can affect the brain with Alzheimer's, the organs, feet, legs and heart. This is a disease of the artery walls that affects the entire body and slowly deteriorates the entire arterial system. Often, it is not obvious that damage has been done until the first stroke or heart attack occurs. Even though surgery is the usual treatment recommended for coronary arteries blocked by clogged arteries it offers only mechanical repair of localized area of the arterial tree. Chelation therapy improves the flow of blood throughout the entire vascular system and should be considered both before and after surgery.


Almost everyone. Oral chelation is accomplished by a specifically designed supplement program that binds excess metals and toxins, these bound toxins are then eliminated through the bowel, live and kidneys.
Benefits to the body can result in a:
Reduction in high blood pressure
Diminished free radical activity
Improved oxygen flow to the cells
The removal of toxic heavy metals from the body
An improved memory
Relief of pain in the extremities
An increased elasticity of blood vessels
An improvement in blood low to the heart, brain, organs and legs.

Oral chelation takes a few months, remember there is no magic pill, we are flushing not only 20 feet of intestines but also many miles of arteries, veins and capillaries with years of sludge buildup.

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Why do I wake up around 3:00 a.m., is a frequently asked question.

The answer is a congested liver and kidneys along with a vitamin B deficiency.

If you are suffering from liver, kidneys and vitamin B problems your body will go into a slight crisis around 3:00 a.m.  This will cause:

  • a blood sugar drop
  • or a signal of stress sent to the adrenal glands
  • or a reflex in the kidneys causing an urge to urinate.

Any of the three will cause a disturbance in sleep.  The three am wake up call is more than just an inconvenience, it is your body's way of alerting you that a more serious problem could be  developing.  Just remember it is easy for cancer to develop when the liver and kidneys can no longer filter and remove toxins.

Sleeping pills or other drugs are not the answer:

  • drugs will mask the problems however, the underlying disorders continue to develop
  • high doses of synthetic Vitamin B will produce an adrenal rush of energy and should not be used
  • using synthetic Vitamin B will eventually leave your system depleted of nutrients and will create more toxic waste for the all-ready-over-loaded kidneys and liver.

For Vitamin B deficiencies it is better to use a whole food or high quality supplement such as Standard Process, Cataplex B or Xymogen, B-Active, along with a diet high in B's.  Include: brown rice, fresh water fish, legumes, raw nuts, raw sunflower seeds, whole grains, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, leafy green vegetables, red potatoes, carrots, sea vegetables (dulse / kelp), oatmeal, dried or fresh plums, prunes and organic raisins.

A three day cleanse is a good start to help reduce toxins. After the cleanse a specifically designed nutritional program can help rebuild and nourish the eliminating organs.

Once the kidneys and liver are functioning properly say goodnight to your 3 a.m. wake-up call.

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Dr. Melody Iles, Phd, CCMH


Over the years we have been told which foods and vitamins are good for us and which are bad, we are now discovering how much we have been lied to and tricked into moving to genetically engineered foods and synthetic vitamins.

Even if we are conscious shoppers, product labels are tricky and hard to decipher.
In today's world of internet marking we are flooded with “new and improved” vitamins, nutritional claims and suggestions for our health.  As a result we usually end up with a self-diagnosis and a purchase of many vitamins that don't make us feel any healthier.

Each of us are unique and have individual health needs, therefore the correct nutrients are critical. We are all made of cells, bone and muscle and for that reason need the same nutrients to run a human body. However, the key is finding the correct nutrient, delivery system and nutritional amount needed. It is this very combination that require different types and amounts of nutrients for each individual.

This brings us to products. Through years of education and practice I consider myself well versed with two companies and their products. StandardProcess and Xymogen. These products contain excellent and wholesome nutrients and when the combination is correct, good results are achieved for each person.

As a nation we need help keeping ourselves healthy, this blog page will help guide you in a better direction to understand:

  • how supplements really affect the body?
  • do supplements tax the liver, bowel and kidneys?
  • are all the supplements I take really helping me?
  • why synthetic vitamins are not good for me?
  • should I take the same vitamins month after month?
  • are fish oils really beneficial?
  • is my body processing these vitamins?
  • can my digestive system and kidneys deliver the nutrients?
  • are my cells receiving nutrients?

I look forward to receiving your comments or questions on this blog and all future blogs.
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