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Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Antioxidants 
Why do we hear so much about Antioxidants? Do we really know what they are and how they work?

The most important thing to know is that NATURAL PREVENTION strategies are extremely effective against free radicals and provide the best antioxidants.

The human body contains trillions of cells, each cell has a central core, called the nucleus, inside the nucleus is our DNA – yes the same DNA that is damaged by microwaving our food.
DNA contains the genes that cells need to replicate itself.   DNA can be damaged by toxic atoms we know as free radicals.  Free radicals are created from a poor diet, chemicals, cigarette smoke, too much sunlight, microwaved foods, etc….

A free radical is a highly reactive atom that destroys body tissue.  Atoms contain electrons, electrons come in pairs but, when one of the electrons get stripped away, the electron now becomes a free radical.

The unpaired electron starts searching for another electron to complete its set. It grabs on to any electron it can find.  By stealing electrons, a process begins of free radicals destroying  other molecules.

Much like small bullets, free radicals shoot through a cell’s membrane, tearing holes and putting the cell at risk.  Free radicals can also tear DNA, this leads to mutations and the development of cancer.

The good news is that nature counteracts free radicals through a process we know as antioxidants.  In natures wisdom, antioxidants donate one of their own electrons to the Atom that is searching for its second electron.  This helps stop the free radical growth by stabilizing the Atom.

The antioxidants protect cell integrity and are therefore our most powerful weapon in fighting and preventing cancer and other degenerative diseases.