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You might be asking yourself at least one of these three questions:

* What is Oral Chelation Therapy?
* Who needs Chelation Therapy?
* What can Oral Chelation do for me?

Oral chelation Therapy can help prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes by unclogging arteries.
Oral chelation Therapy is a safe, non-surgical process used to rid the body of excess toxins, especially heavy metals.  The chelation actually draws out toxic metals and other harmful substances that impair bodily functions and eliminates these toxins through the kidneys.  Some of the heavy metals that accumulate in our bodies include lead, mercury and copper.  These metals and toxins enter our bodies through fillings in teeth, a fish dinner (especially shell-fish and large fish like swordfish), our drinking water, foods and environmental products that we use daily.

Eating shelled fish is different than eating omega-3 rich, open water fish. Shelled fish are not rich in omega-3 because of their diet. They are bottom dwellers (lobster, crabs, shrimp, oysters) the cleaners of the ocean, in comparison they are the vultures of the sea, eating most garbage on the ocean bottom. Oysters in particular are toxic as ocean toxins filter through the oyster, the oyster then recycles it’s own waste in the oyster shell which is usually full of mercury, toxins and fecal matter.

Oral chelation can often prevent health problems from occurring by restoring circulation to the body’s tissues. Chelation benefits every blood vessel in the body, from the largest veins to the tiniest capillaries. Many of the capillaries cleaned by chelation are too small for surgical treatment or too deep within the brain and other vital organs to be safely reached by surgery, making oral chelation a great benefit.

Hardening of the arteries mean deposits of calcium, cholesterol, protein, fats and other substances that have collected on the walls of the largest or smallest arteries. Tartar and plaque on the teeth is made up of much of the same buildup that clogs the arteries. Since we are able to feel this buildup when we run our tongue over our teeth, it alerts us to seek dental assistance. Unfortunately we can’t see the buildup on our arteries, so we don’t worry about it until we start to suffer with circulation, vascular and heart problems.

Accumulated toxins in the artery wall can affect the brain with Alzheimer's, the organs, feet, legs and heart. This is a disease of the artery walls that affects the entire body and slowly deteriorates the entire arterial system. Often, it is not obvious that damage has been done until the first stroke or heart attack occurs. Even though surgery is the usual treatment recommended for coronary arteries blocked by clogged arteries it offers only mechanical repair of localized area of the arterial tree. Chelation therapy improves the flow of blood throughout the entire vascular system and should be considered both before and after surgery.


Almost everyone. Oral chelation is accomplished by a specifically designed supplement program that binds excess metals and toxins, these bound toxins are then eliminated through the bowel, live and kidneys.
Benefits to the body can result in a:
Reduction in high blood pressure
Diminished free radical activity
Improved oxygen flow to the cells
The removal of toxic heavy metals from the body
An improved memory
Relief of pain in the extremities
An increased elasticity of blood vessels
An improvement in blood low to the heart, brain, organs and legs.

Oral chelation takes a few months, remember there is no magic pill, we are flushing not only 20 feet of intestines but also many miles of arteries, veins and capillaries with years of sludge buildup.

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