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Over the years we have been told which foods and vitamins are good for us and which are bad, we are now discovering how much we have been lied to and tricked into moving to genetically engineered foods and synthetic vitamins.

Even if we are conscious shoppers, product labels are tricky and hard to decipher.
In today's world of internet marking we are flooded with “new and improved” vitamins, nutritional claims and suggestions for our health.  As a result we usually end up with a self-diagnosis and a purchase of many vitamins that don't make us feel any healthier.

Each of us are unique and have individual health needs, therefore the correct nutrients are critical. We are all made of cells, bone and muscle and for that reason need the same nutrients to run a human body. However, the key is finding the correct nutrient, delivery system and nutritional amount needed. It is this very combination that require different types and amounts of nutrients for each individual.

This brings us to products. Through years of education and practice I consider myself well versed with two companies and their products. StandardProcess and Xymogen. These products contain excellent and wholesome nutrients and when the combination is correct, good results are achieved for each person.

As a nation we need help keeping ourselves healthy, this blog page will help guide you in a better direction to understand:

  • how supplements really affect the body?
  • do supplements tax the liver, bowel and kidneys?
  • are all the supplements I take really helping me?
  • why synthetic vitamins are not good for me?
  • should I take the same vitamins month after month?
  • are fish oils really beneficial?
  • is my body processing these vitamins?
  • can my digestive system and kidneys deliver the nutrients?
  • are my cells receiving nutrients?

I look forward to receiving your comments or questions on this blog and all future blogs.
For more information download “ iles of herbs” app or visit: HerbalHealth.center.